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Everything You Need To Know About Topbuzz and How to Make Money on it

Everything You Need To Know About Topbuzz and How to Make Money on it

Topbuzz is an online community where posts and videos are been shared to the public and money is earned in return. The more audience view on a post or video, the more the earnings increase. 

I will like to teach you all how to start making money on Topbuzz from the internetInstead of using your phone for only social media, you can also start making some cool amount of money online using your mobile phone or Computer.

A week ago, I started seeing posts and screenshots about topbuzz, but I ignored them all. But today, all my friends (80% are website owners) were hyping and talking about topbuzz one of them even said “my savior has come. Up topbuzz”. That’s why I made up my mind to do some research on how to make money using Topbuzz and here is what I found out.


With this method I’m teaching you, all you have to do is just upload videos and Gif files to a particular website, and you will start making some amount of money.

The things you need are:

1. Your mobile phone (Android, Blackberry or iPhone)

2. Facebook or Twitter Account

3. Data

4. Time and Patience


Step. 1. Use the link below to register � 

Step.2. When the page opens, click on register with Facebook or Twitter account… Or just click on the Facebook or Twitter Logo you see there.

Step. 3. When the next page opens, login with your Facebook or Twitter details (don’t be afraid, your account will not be h@cked).

Step. 4. Now give Topbuzz access to your Facebook or Twitter Account by clicking on the CONTINUE Button.

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After you have carried out all the above steps, your account is now set and ready. 


Login to your new Topbuzz account with your Facebook or Twitter account as usual, click on the (ME) Icon, on the next page click on the (Video) Icon.. “I believe all of you knows how Video Icon looks like” In case you don’t, it looks like a Video Camera.

Now you know it…. After you click on the video icon, it will bring out all the videos and Gif files on your device.

Now select any video of your choice.. After you select the video that you want to upload, the next thing to do is to set the title of the video.

Note: Use catchy titles like “OMG!!!! 6 Years Old Boy Gets Married To 50 Years Old Woman”

I just used that one as an example. Remember that catchy titles attract more views.

After you have finished setting up the title, click on the “UPLOAD Button” that’s all now watch your money grow. 

The minimum payment is $100 you will be paid either by PayPal or by Bank Transfer.


EARN HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY BY POSTING ARTICLES: You can get nice earnings by posting contents that will interest users. Hmmm am sure bloggers will like it and Topbuzz can also turn a non blogger to blogger. But I suggest that you post jokes, motivating articles, catchy breaking news etc. if you don’t have much idea about blogging and posting but as a blogger I don’t need to tell you what you should do.

EARN HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY BY POSTING VIDEOS: Are you a comedian or a video producer? Youtube is not the only way you can get paid for your videos Topbuzz is a bonus for your earnings so far you can raise audience and nice post views you are good to go. If you are not a comedian, you can also post funny skits of comedians but make sure you don’t violate their copy right because if you are reported on copyright issues about three times, Topbuzz might deduct your earnings.

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Why don’t you try out Topbuzz today and make your own money online today.

I hope this post helped you, if so, try and drop a comment. You are free to ask questions. 

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