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Things You Shouldn’t Include On Your CV Before Applying For any Job

Things You Shouldn’t Include On Your CV Before Applying For any Job

It is obvious that we live in an increasingly difficult world today. The increase in world population and the rising unemployment rate mean that more and more people are applying for the same types of jobs you are interested in.

This means that it is really imperative that you take the subject of your CV as seriously as possible. There are some things that should not appear on a CV to be an effective reference document, rather than a document that executes the employer in the other direction.

The list below are things you shouldn’t include on Your CV

1. Don’t Add Irrelevant Information

Hobbies and interests should not appear on your CV. Include only extracurricular activities that are directly related to your work. Remember that your goal is to portray yourself as serious and an expert in your discipline. 

Hobbies can suggest that you’re not working hard enough or that you are not serious about your career. Leave them out.

2. Do Not List References Yet

Your CV is a statement about you. There is no need to include references. Undoubtedly you’ll be asked to provide references but your references do not belong on your CV. Don’t list that your “references are available upon request.” Surely the employer will request references if you’re a potential candidate. Wait until you are asked and then remind your references and tell them to expect a call or email.

3. Don’t Write in Solid Blocks of Text

Remember that employers scan CVs. Make yours easy to read by using bold headings and short descriptions of items. Do not include big blocks of text. No paragraphs.

4. Don’t Include Grammatical Errors

What’s the fastest way to get your CV and application tossed? Spelling mistakes, bad grammar and typos. Do you prefer to be known as careless or poorly educated? Neither will help you advance in your career.

5. Don’t Include a Touch of Flair/Stylishness

Fancy paper, unusual font, Colored font and Scented paper. Although you want your CV to stand out, be sure that it stands out for the right reasons, such as its quality. Do not make your CV look different in color, shape, or format unless you want it passed around as a source of humor.

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