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How to Start Blogging – Top 10 Niches to Focus on that Convert

How to Start Blogging – We’ve become so acquainted with blogging these days that the world now seem like a cliche to us but I bet you don’t know as much about blogging as you claim you know.

A blog is a website that updates news feeds frequently with the most recent feed appearing first as if in the case of writing a journal or a diary. Blogging is a very interesting business that requires time, effort and less money to start. One thing about starting up a blog page is that you must be prepared to update feeds frequently meaning you must be ready to be up and doing to load up-to-date feeds for the interested audience.

If you write journals then you will easily understand what I mean but you can’t start blog page when you have no idea on what to write or what your blog page will be about. Hence, here are the steps to start a blog page.

Blogging Guide – How to Start Blogging.

GET A BLOG TOPIC: for beginners, you don’t just jump into blogging because it’s fun but has a target. Get real; pick topics that are interesting and not something that bores you or the audience. 

Don’t just do it for the audience alone but for yourself. Make it something you enjoy. You don’t need a degree to start blogging neither do you need to be a pro all you need is passion and if you do biko carry go. Pick topics like;

  • Childhood
  • Love
  • Parenthood
  • Teenagers and puberty
  • Food
  • Drugs etc.

PICK A DOMAIN: You choose the domain you like since you won’t want to make the “I wish I knew” statement. You mustn’t go for domains that everyone is using, be peculiar. You could go for the .com, .uk.co. or .net. You could use your name as the brand name something like shoda.net or as you wish. 

HOST YOUR BLOG: This is where users get to access and read your frequent updates and you begin getting the “on top of the world feelings (yeah, I know that feeling). That cannot be unless you get a domain and a company to host your weblog like the Blue host.

GET A BLOGGING PLATFORM: This is another task in you mustn’t fail. A blog platform is a software you could build your blog examples are;

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Ghost
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Drupal etc.

These blogging platforms or soft wares will register, install and guide you on how to build your blog page meaning you are not without help in this deal.

Top 10 Blogging Niches that Convert on Google Adsense

Now you’ve known how to start a blog page the next thing is to identify niches that have traffic and where you could start making your earnings from. I’ll give you the top 10 niches you could use. First you need to know what a niche is.

NICHE is an area of interest where you can write and write and write without getting tired. Different people have different niche they specialize on that’s why I emphasized on passion and peculiarity. Just, be natural. Today, many bloggers have been able to identify their area of interest are many millions on the net you too can part of this community. Your success is mine too, so here are the 10 top niches you can’t do without on the net and that relates tremendously to our day to day lives.

  1. EDUCATION: An education blog can be anything from lesson plans home school parents and teachers can use, to current news about the state of education, to actual tutoring and even online courses. There are so many different sectors within education that you won’t be lacking for possible topics to cover. Your main problem will be narrowing your focus enough to create a strong target demographic among your readers.
  2. FOOD AND WINE: Ha-ha, you can agree with me that food constitutes about 90% of our daily life to this people will always be interested in blogs that talk about mouthwatering articles that make you salivate and have mid-day dreams as you read. Food niche rates about 21.76% these days.
  3. SPORT:  With the increasing number of crazy sport fans roaming the net in search of updates on their favorite sport team raising this niche to 21.71%, you could consider this your niche if you are also a sport fan. Going by the intrigue in sports these days plus the cute footballers in the teams that make our ladies go gaga even ladies now patronize sport (I didn’t say anything). So trust me, you could have millions of users if you tried.
  4. SPIRITUALITY: Aigoo, these days we get many many spirit koko people that are interested in spiritual things. Surprised? Everything in world has gone spiritual; men need not just physical counsel but spiritual counsel as well. You don’t need to be a Pastor or a Prayer warrior to write about spirituality if you find the topic interesting and inspiring you could write about it and try using you as a case study.
  5. MONEY: With our rotting economy, people will mostly be interested in blogs that will teach them how to make loads of cash. You might consider doing this.
  6. HEALTH: You can’t go anyway if you are not in good shape can you? Even if you do, there will always be this feeling of “not comfortable” but if you can offer solutions to illnesses then you bi hot cake believe me.
  7. RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE: Don’t start having evil thoughts, you don’t need to focus on adult content. All you need do is offer advice on how to build a good relationship for married couples, young couples and unmarried individuals in relationship. Talk about marriage, you don’t need to go all dirty if you want to get respected.
  8. LANGUAGES: For people who are intending to immigrate, they would want to learn important salutations and words of the country they’re immigrating into. Your write up may give very helpful information.
  9. TRAVEL/TOURISM: You may not have considered doing this but you would find this particular topic interesting as you also get to learn alongside your audiences about countries, their landmarks, tourist attractions and number of travellers and tourists flocking the country.
  10. FASHION: Today, fashion has gone broad that we have diverse fashion software scattered all over the net and great amount of users searching for info. If you are a fashion freak, you could also offer advice to your fellow fashion freaks out there. So, what do ya think? Wink.
  11. PARENTING: These days, people don’t know how to care for their children. Most parents are even too busy for their wards and kids you could offer advice on the emotional stress these kids may go through, the loneliness and hate and depression. Use you as a case study if you can.

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