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Become a UN Paid Volunteer (2018 Entry) Batch B – See Full Application Guideline

Become a UN Paid Volunteer

Paid UN volunteers are between the ages of 18 and 55, and also collaborate with UN agencies in the forefront of political, humanitarian and humanitarian operations. 

UN Volunteers directly mobilizes up to 8,000 volunteers every year. Eight out of ten UN Volunteers come from developing countries themselves.

Who are volunteers of the UN?

UN Volunteers are a distinct category of UN Volunteers, recently created in response to the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for more active participation in the volunteering of the largest generation of people in history. 

UN Volunteers help the United Nations, one of the most important intergovernmental organizations in the world, to fulfill its mission.

What do UN volunteers do?

As a UN volunteer, you will contribute to peace and sustainable development both in your country and in another country around the world. You will help people lead healthier and safer lives and communities so that they can better address current and future challenges. 

How to apply:

All UN volunteers who apply for a voluntary application abroad apply online only.
Use the link on the program provided on this website to start your application for free.
Start your online application here.

The positions of UN Volunteers are large-scale; you can work in the field of human rights, adaptation to climate change, primary health care, disaster management, peace-building, youth participation and many other areas. You can work directly at an agency of the United Nations or be appointed by one of your partner organizations, university or government.

UN volunteers receive basic residence support, which allows the volunteer to live healthy and safe in a specific area. If you voluntarily go outside your area, return the airline or land transport (if necessary) and some other basic expenses are paid by the host agency. You will receive orientation and training before and after your appointment.

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